Be-loved women’s conference

Every year for the last three years we have run a one-day women’s conference. This is a day to help women from all walks of life to spend time in the presence of the Lord. Our vision is for women to know that they are BE-loved by God – truly cherished, absolutely loved and fulfilled in knowing who they are in Christ.

The day starts with a warm welcome and pastries, followed by worship, quality talks from women from TBC and outside, workshops and creative prayer sessions. There is also an opportunity to attend a ‘life story’ session or a ‘digging deeper’ session that looks at the conference theme in depth. Each year we choose a charity that is close to home to support through gifts from the conference participants.

Each year we have a different theme – the theme in 2019 was ‘fall afresh’.

Ladies leave the conference feeling refreshed, refuelled and recommissioned, ready to head back to their busy lives.

One past attendee said, “Today was just a blessing, I have been to a few conferences and I can honestly say that it was the most beautiful Holy Spirit filled event I have been too!”

Information about the next event will appear on our website in due course.