Tywyn Baptist Church

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord

Be-Loved Ladies Conference

A One Day Conference This October

Be-loved is a day of worship, teaching, feasting and relaxing. Our desire is for you to 'let your hair down' and enjoy being in Gods presence, which isn’t always easy when we have children, homes, work and husbands and other commitments to manage.

In a world where love has been distorted and disfigured, women often feel cheated, betrayed, let down and alone. Be-loved is for you, it literally means ‘beloved, esteemed, dear, favourite, worthy of love’. We are children of God, we are His Be-loved, we are supernaturally, unconditionally loved by our Heavenly Father.

We have been given a vision to bring this day together. Ladies from all walks of life coming together to worship.

The Be-Loved conference is free, although any donations will be sent to Gwynedd Domestic Abuse Service

Saturday 14th October

10am Arrival
10:30am Welcome & Worship
11am Session 1: Speaker - Chloe Angood
12:15pm Session 2: Life Story - Crona Hodges
12:45pm Charity gift – Cath Chapman
1pm Lunch
2pm Session 3: Speaker - Jess Longworth
2:45pm Let your hair down
4:15pm Session 4: Life Story - Myra Dodds
5pm Dinner
6pm Worship with offering
6:30pm Session 5: Speaker - Kate Hamilton
7:15pm Closing with final song and prayer

Pathway of Pounds

We’re building a pathway of pounds (old and new) to help Gorwel Domestic Abuse Services – based in Dolgellau. De Gwynedd is an organisation which can offer parents and their children support, information and a safe place to stay if they are being physically, mentally or sexually abused.

We want to show these women God’s love in a practical way and help them to move from a pathway of pain to a pathway of freedom.

So bring along your new pound coins (and old ones if you don’t know what to do with them), and help us to build our Pathway of Pounds.

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