Tywyn Community Hwb

Tywyn community hub, Gwynedd council, and Spar logos

Registration has now closed, since 10pm Sunday 14th July. If you have any questions about the Tywyn Community Hwb please contact us.

Tywyn Community Hwb, part of Tywyn Baptist Church and in partnership with Tywyn Spar and Gwynedd Council, are pleased to announce our free summer lunch programme. This is available to all children in the area under 18 years of age. It will offer each registered child a packed lunch Monday to Friday from 22nd July until 30th August, collecting from the Spar (Tywyn High Street, LL36 9AD).

This will be a daily collection.

Please note: our arrangement will enable the collection of a sandwich, drink, fruit and crisps from a range of items identified by Spar and is not a monetary voucher for generic spending within Spar.