June Prayer Diary

“Always keep on praying for God’s people.” Ephesians 6:18

“Prayer is where the action is.” John Wesley

  1. Pray that leaders of the nations across the world will work together for more peace and justice.
  2. Bring before the LORD those who are unwell, recovering from an operation or awaiting test results. Ask for God’s healing touch.
  3. Pray for our health centre this summer as they face various challenges, also remember Tywyn Hospital.
  4. Use Psalm 139:23, 24 as a prayer “Search me O God and know my heart…..”
  5. Pray for our services today that we will all be united in the love of God by the power of the Holy Spirit. Pray to for the service at St Cadfan’s celebrating 150 Years of the Talyllyn Railway
  6. Remember those on fixed incomes as they try to manage, and bring to God the Food Bank and the work of C.A.P.
  7. Bring before God the leadership of TBC today, pray that they will know God’s vision for the Church.
  8. Pray for our local and county councils, our Assembly member and our new Member of Parliament.
  9. Pray for those who care for the neediest in society, especially homeless people with mental health issues and other social problems.
  10. As you pray for people today, ask God to give you words and actions to do in Jesus’ Name so that they can be drawn closer to him.
  11. Give thanks for TEAR Fund and their partners, pray for those who are living in places where it is less easy to operate. Ask God to give them courage.
  12. Pray that the Holy Spirit will give power and blessing to all who attend TBC today. Pray also for those unable to attend.
  13. Ask God to give you opportunities this week to share what God has done for you.
  14. Thank God for all the love and wisdom we receive from older people. Help us to love and respect them.
  15. Ask God to strengthen and bless all those who work at Min y Don as they seek to do God’s will there.
  16. Pray for those living with the after-effects of conflict and disaster. Ask God to comfort the grieving and restore hope.
  17. Ask God to strengthen and bless missionaries and workers with BMS especially those working in dangerous places.
  18. Give thanks for the chaplains and Christian charities working with people in prison. Ask God to draw near to those in prison and give wisdom and patience to those who work there.
  19. Bring before God today’s services. Pray that those preaching, leading and attending will know the Holy Spirit’s anointing.
  20. Pray for the church meeting tonight at TBC, Ask God for his guidance and wisdom, love and peace in all that goes on.
  21. Pray for women, children and men who have been tricked or coerced into slavery, suffering physical, emotional and sexual abuse. Pray for effective means to clamp down on this abuse.
  22. Pray for yourself – and for persecuted Christians to be spiritually ready for whatever today brings.
  23. Bring before God anyone you know who needs to know God’s peace and presence at this time.
  24. Continue in your prayers for young people and their leaders who are going to the summer camps this year.
  25. Praise God for all the progress that has been made to tackle poverty in Guatemala, and pray that its society will become more fair and equal.
  26. Pray that our minds will be filled with things that are good, praiseworthy, noble, true, right, pure, lovely and honourable. (Phil 4:8) as we attend church today.
  27. Thank God for the work of Christian Aid in Kenya that maternal healthcare is spreading with new clinics opening, new health workers and extra delivery kits.
  28. Ask God to guide parents and children during the summer holidays. Pray for the visitors to this area and for those who will be worshipping with us at TBC.
  29. Remember the work of the RNLI. Ask God to watch over all those working at sea and using the sea for leisure activities.
  30. Use the Lords Prayer today to pray about news headlines: in each situation ask God, ‘may your will be done; may your kingdom come’.