Meet the Team

These are the people who help to run TBC, although most of our church members contribute to the life of the church in one way or another, for which we are very grateful!

Church Leaders

Pete Cook

James Hodges

Josh Walker

Team Leaders for Practical Work

Cath & Neal Chapman – Finance/ treasurer

Mark Skelton – Maintenance and health and safety

Josh Walker – Sound and vision; Website and church publicity; Resources, equipment & church building decor

Kate Cope – Sunday refreshments

Susie Cook – Catering & Kitchen

Susie Cook and Joshua Walker  –  Designated Persons for Safeguarding (DPS) 

Ministry coordinators

Pete Cook – Pastoral care and prayer ministry

Pete Cook, Susie Cook and Beth Funnell- Joint youth and children’s work coordinators

James Hodges – Prayer Ministry

Pete Cook, Susie Cook and Beth Funnell – Joint Youth and Children’s work coordinators

Susie Cook and Josh Walker – Worship coordinators

Phil Malin – Justice Team

Church employees

Joy Hooper – Administrator

Sara Moss – Pre-school children’s work

Andy Dufell– Caretaker

Ben Gibbins – Cleaner