Christmas Shoe Box Instructions

Most important things to put into the box for a boy or a girl

  • Completely sealed/unopened toothbrush

  • Completely sealed/unopened toothpaste

  • Hair Accessories/hairbrush (hair clips, hair bobbles, headbands)

  • Completely sealed/unopened soap

  • Brand new facecloth

  • Stationery and paper (notebooks, colouring pens, colouring pencils, pencil sharpener, erasers, stickers)

  • Gloves (preferably new ones)

  • Hat (preferably new ones)

  • Scarf (preferably new ones)

  • New socks and underwear

Other things you CAN include 

  • Soft toy

  • Puzzles

  • Small musical instrument

  • Toy vehicles

  • Small rubber ball or inflatable ball

  • Sweets (these must have at least 8 months use by/best before dates on them)

  • Photo of yourself

Please try to remove any excess packaging on toys or stationery!

Good things to put in a Family/Home box

  • Candles

  • Small cooking utensils (NO KNIVES)

  • Small plastic containers

  • Small saucepan

  • T-towels

  • Hairbrush

  • Plastic utensils

  • Bowls and cups

  • Small Christmas decorations

  • Small decorative item

  • New sealed/unopened soap

  • Washing up cloths

  • Clothes pegs

Please DO NOT include:

  • Food (except sweets)

  • Medicines

  • War related items (such as toy soldiers, tanks, toy guns)

  • Fragile items (such as glass and ceramics)

  • Aerosols or anything highly flammable

  • Sharp items

  • Reading books


Please ensure that all items in your box are in good condition. Please do not put anything in your box that might be mistaken for something edible (e.g. Playdough/plasticine/bubble-gum.


*Please remember to include the amount for postage.

(see Teams4U leaflet) Thank You!*