Teams 4 U Shoebox Appeal

Please follow these instructions:

1. Collect a flat-pack shoebox from the Church building or from one of the organisers. *

2. Read the printed instructions in this poly-pocket carefully.

3. Fill your shoebox according to the instructions. You can add some decoration to the outside of the box if you like e.g. stickers or Christmas pictures, or simply leave it as it is.

4. Remember to complete the section on the outside of the box that says who it is intended for (i.e. boy or girl, what age group they are, or of it’s for a family).

5. Return your completed shoebox to the church building**. Leave it at the Church’s building with a note on it that says ‘completed box’.

6. If you’d like to donate money or items that can be used to fill a shoebox, then please see one of the organisers*.

Thank you 

*For 2020 your T4U Organisers are: Susie Cook, Beth Funnell, Julie Walker, Rachel Morgan, & Pete Cook.


** Click HERE  for drop off times & dates or contact us: [email protected]

01654 711 752